The FEU Difference

7 Things You Need to Know About Our  Fitness Equipment Upholstery Service:

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  1. Fitness equipment (or gym equipment) is upholstered with a specific type of foam padding, not typical furniture padding. Furniture upholsterers are not equipped with the right material for the job.  Plus, different pieces require different types of foam and only and experienced expert knows all the proper applications.
  2. Fitness equipment is upholstered with a thicker vinyl than typical furniture which furniture upholsterers typically don’t keep in stock.  First, you don’t want to use thinner material than is required, second, we buy material in bulk and get a discount so you don’t pay more for superior quality material.
  3. Your equipment is out of service for minutes…not hours or days: We service your equipment on the spot, at your location, one piece at a time, during business hours so your members, students, & athletes don’t miss a beat during their workout.
  4. We know your equipment like you do.  We know the brands, the models (even the older equipment) the colors, the wear & tear each piece of equipment takes.  You won’t hear any excuses about not being able to get the right pad, shape, or material.  We show up with the right material & equipment to fix your fitness machines properly. We’re on time, the job is done right the first time and every time you call on us.
  5. Our entire workshop comes to you.  Our custom trailers are completely outfitted with everything we need to cut, sew, upholster and replace including the well-trained experienced professionals who make the whole operation seamless (no pun intended!).
  6. We ship new or newly upholstered pads to your door.  Just need one or two pieces repaired or replaced?  We have a repair & return program where we send you the replacement pad you need and you send us the pad which needs repair. This is an efficient and economical way to keep your equipment in service and looking good continuously.
  7. We’re the best.  We know it and you’ll know it too.  We do big jobs & small jobs. We love our work and it shows.  You’ll see.

Choose the #1 authority in fitness equipment upholstery repair and replacement.  There’s no better combination of quality, efficiency and price in the business.  Bookmark this page for easy access the best in the business.


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